The Home Stretch

Bartlomiej Heberla Bartlomiej Heberla is a Polish grandmaster with an ELO rating of 2565. This year he came 4th at the Polish Championship. If you're interested in online lessons with GM Heberla, please contact Chessbet!

All chess enthusiasts are focused on the last part of FIDE World Championship. Last four rounds, last emotions, and last chance for Anand to change the score. He already showed that he is better prepared than the last year, but the score is 4.5-3.5 for Carlsen.

They are both playing very creatively, the games are interesting and full of ups and downs. It seems there is nothing decided yet, but of course it’s Anand who has the toughest work ahead of him. Last two games finished with two draws as I expected, however in the 7th round Anand got into some trouble in a worse endgame. He managed to survive this game, but then he didn’t manage to put any pressure with white in round 8.

Now he has no choice but to play more aggressively. The question is if he is going to risk immediately in next games, or if his strategy is to try to put pressure in last two rounds. I expect a calm game tomorrow, but it depends mainly on Carlsen. Probably he will try to control the situation, but on the other hand if he would win his advantage will be almost decisive.

To conclude my bet is draw in round 9 and a sharp game in round 10. Don’t forget to make your own bets here!