Survey Results

Chessbet Crew

About two weeks ago we made a user survey among the participants here on Chessbet to see what you think about our service and to gain insights on how we can become better. We value your input a lot and, as promised, we have now drawn ten winners among the respondents, who have won fifteen-day Pro Subscriptions with our sponsor Chess Openings 24/7 (more info below!). We thought it would be interesting to share some of the results with you, so below we have brought up some of the highlights.

Why are you participating on Chessbet?
First, how engaged is the typical Chessbet user, why is he participating and what kind of bets does he want to see? 57% percent of the respondents said that they visit Chessbet more or less on a daily basis, which indicates a high interest (thanks!) among our avid users.  When asked why they participate on Chessbet, 76% said that they want to win prizes, 62% answered that they want to see how good they are at predicting the games and 35% that they want to compete in the leaderboard (more than one choice was allowed for this question, that’s why the percentages add up to more than 100%).

What kind of bets do you want?
We then proceeded to asking what kind of bets you want to see on Chessbet. Here 88% replied that they want to predict game results, 49% said that they want to predict tournaments winners, 22% want to predict who will place higher of two players, whereas only 19% said that they want free bets for play money with odds (for this question also more than one choice was possible). In other words, most of you seem to like the current format, but we will try to add the possibility to predict tournament winners as well.

The possibility to miss bets
There were some interesting results when we asked if you want to have the possibility to miss some bets, but still have the chance to get the maximum number of points in the race. 67% replied that they want to have this option and 33% that they don’t want it. For future races we will try to adjust the rules so we will accommodate the wish of the majority.

Introducing a fee
The next question was whether you would be willing to pay a small fee for better prizes, betting tips and no ads. Here 25% replied yes, 28% said they were not sure (probably they want to see more details) and 46% said no. Chessbet today is a free service thanks to the prize sponsors and to volunteer work (Iet us know if you want to help out some way!) by the team behind it. Nevertheless, it is quite time consuming and there are costs involved with running the site. The income from ads is small (we’re only paid when somebody clicks on them) so we are looking into other solutions to be able to continue running the site. One such solution could be to introduce the mentioned fee, which would allow us to provide a better service than today.

Betting for real money
The last question of the survey asked if you would be interested to bet for real money on Chessbet, if we introduced this option. Obviously, for many users predicting the games would be even more interesting with the chance to earn some cash… 33% replied that they were interested in betting for real money, 30% said they were not sure, whereas 36% answered that this was not interesting to them. We will investigate the option to add this feature on Chessbet, as it’s quite complicated.

Prize winners
Finally, the prize winners that were drawn among the survey respondents can be found on our Prizes & Winners page. Congrats!