Magnus Carlsen defends the World Champion title

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In the last game Carlsen was playing very well, and the match finished after 11 games with the score 6.5-4.5. It was an incomparably more interesting match than the previous one, most of the games were quite dynamic. I am sure every observer enjoyed the show. In my opinion Anand was very well prepared for the match, and he did his best. Carlsen just appeared to be better as many expected.

The last game was actually the point of the match, its course was exactly the same as the whole match. Anand did a brilliant move (23…b5!!), but eventually in the important moments he found some dubious ideas instead of the best lines which could still keep the game unclear, while Carlsen was playing very accurately and he perfectly took his chance.

As I write for a betting website and I was quite successful with some of my predictions, I would like to write one more thing – I can’t wait for the next World Championship match, which I believe will be very equal – Carlsen vs Caruana.

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