London Chess Classic Summary

Martin Lokander Martin Lokander is an up and coming 18 years old Swedish FM with a rating of 2365. Despite being a full-time student he plays a lot (about 120 games/year!) and also closely follows top level chess events.

The last super tournament of the year is over, and the official winner is Viswanathan Anand, after outplaying Michael Adams in *sigh* a Berlin Endgame.
When half of the field share first place with a +1 score, I can’t really see it as a real “super tournament victory” as compared to Sinquefield or any other big tournament. Unfortunately, this leaves me with the strange feeling that this was more of a nice chess gathering with some interesting games. 5 rounds is really way too short for a tournament of this standard.

When even Hikaru Nakamura plays the Berlin Endgame, I think it might be time for a Berlin ban? I was disappointed to see such a high amount of Berlin Endgames, and even though I generally find this endgame fascinating, I feel like I’ve had enough of it. What happened to the Najdorf?

Now there’s a short break in tournaments, but in about a month my favourite super tournament begins, the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. What’s more important is that at the time of writing, Hikaru Nakamura is bashing Yaacov Norowitz on, and that’s way more interesting than the Berlin Endgame so I think it’s time for me to sign off this blog post for now.

Merry Christmas!