London Chess Classic after two rounds

Martin Lokander Martin Lokander is an up and coming 18 years old Swedish FM with a rating of 2365. Despite being a full-time student he plays a lot (about 120 games/year!) and also closely follows top level chess events.

The London Chess Classic has kicked off, and my wild predictions have been more or less catastrophic :)

Adams, the solid guy, hasn’t played a single draw (although I managed to predict a win for him!). I really thought Nakamura would bring down Kramnik today, especially since Kramnik’s preparation wasn’t too impressive, if you ask me. However, Nakamura went wrong and Kramnik played very well to convert a full point.

Giri and Kramnik are the leaders at 1½ points out of 2. They will play each other in the final round, and this might very well be a key game of the tournament. But to be fair, the tournament has just begun and Anand has barely played a move of his own :D.

Happy betting, and don’t miss my next post. It will be posted before the last round.