Last chance for Anand

Bartlomiej Heberla Bartlomiej Heberla is a Polish grandmaster with an ELO rating of 2565. This year he came 4th at the Polish Championship. If you're interested in online lessons with GM Heberla, please contact Chessbet!

After two draws in the last games the score is 5.5 – 4.5 for Carlsen. It seems he is satisfied with a one point advantage as he took a quick draw with white in round 9. Anand decided to play the calm 1…e5 and instead tried to put the pressure in round 10. He even managed to get a slide edge in the Grünfeld, it was clear that Carlsen was out of the line while Anand was still playing quickly. Eventually Anand couldn’t find a way to keep the advantage, got into time trouble and decided to go for simplifications.

I expect Anand to play the Sicilian in the next round. I don’t think he will play for a win only in the last game. On the other hand Carlsen may not play 1.e4. I got a feeling that tomorrow is the last game of the match, I bet on Carlsen because Anand may play incautiously – he knows he is running out of time. Hopefully I am not right and we will observe some more emotions.