Everything to be decided in the last round!

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In the Women’s section Russia is still leading with 18 points, even after losing to Ukraine today. China didn’t take the chance to get closer as they only drew against Spain. In the last round the most interesting match is Ukraine – China. Both teams have 17 points and it means they have theoretical chances for the gold. However, according to the tiebreak rules, it’s enough for Russia to draw against Bulgaria to secure first place. The fight for the bronze medal is also not so clear. The only team with 16 points is Germany. If they manage to beat Georgia in the last round everything depends on the Ukraine – China match.

The Open section keeps being more complicated. There are 10 teams with a mathematical chance for a medal! China is the clear leader with 17 points. Their opponent for the last round, Poland, has very small chances for third place, depending on the other results. The match between Hungary and Ukraine is very important. If Hungary wins, they will end up at least in second place. With another result nothing is clear.

All other decisive matches are also very equal. Russia is not doing well so far, but France can’t be satisfied with the pairings, which have the two teams play against each other in the last round. Azerbaijan is playing against USA after some very tough matches. The most unexpected pretenders for the podium, India and Uzbekistan, are facing each other on the fifth board. The rest day gives everyone a chance to prepare fully for the last round. It is going to be an extremely interesting fight!

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