Carlsen vs Anand after 4 rounds

Heinrich Basson Heinrich Basson is a chess enthusiast from South Africa. He is an avid club player with a current FIDE rating of 1899. He follows world chess events closely and analyzing the matches and writing about chess are some of his hobbies.

What a start to the Carlsen vs Anand 2014 World Championship match! We have seen two decisive results in the first 4 rounds with the draws also fought out very hard. Things this time around seem to be a bit tougher for Carlsen, so well done to Anand so far as he is showing very solid play up until now.

The first round Grünfeld played by Carlsen was surely an interesting choice, showing good preparation by both sides. A draw in round one was a fair result, although both sides had their chances. In round 2 we saw the Berlin played, one that everyone surely did expect sometime during the 12 games. Carlsen had lots of pressure throughout this game and the move 34…h5 was the final mistake, but you have to say that Carlsen was winning before this move.

Before the start of round 3 Anand must have been under immense pressure to score a win and get back into the game, as another loss surely would make it very hard for him to get back into this match. A Queen’s Gambit was played with the move 7.c5 by Anand, which is a very interesting line indeed. From the start of the opening white just had the space and black was under pressure, the pawn on c7 for white was just very strong and in the end it was a superb win by Anand – match all square at 1.5 points each.

In game 4 Anand played the Sicilian against e4 and a position after 14 moves was reached which is very equal with no immediate weaknesses for white or black. In the end a queen ending was reached and the game was a draw after 47 moves, still a very entertaining match for spectators. Now what does the rest of the World Championship match hold in store for us, with the score at 2 points per player they still have all to play for, there will definitely be some exciting chess ahead. I think Carlsen will try to keep the chess solid and reach endgames where he can grind away for the win, whereas Anand might take a few chances with some new opening preparation to try and get an early advantage in the game. For game 5 I think Carlsen will be happy to go for the draw, but we will have to wait and see what Anand has prepared on the rest day. Enjoy the rest of the World Championship match and be sure to visit Chessbet each day.