Carlsen vs Anand 2014 after 8 rounds

Heinrich Basson Heinrich Basson is a chess enthusiast from South Africa. He is an avid club player with a current FIDE rating of 1899. He follows world chess events closely and analyzing the matches and writing about chess are some of his hobbies.

We have a score of 4.5 to 3.5 for Carlsen after 8 rounds. There is just 4 rounds left and Anand has 2 rounds left to play with white, he has to get a result somewhere in the next 4 games, so it will be very interesting days indeed. Let us have a quick recap of rounds 5 to 8.

Round 5 saw Carlsen play black and he chose the Queen’s Indian Defense. A very solid opening and Carlsen’s preparation in this game seemed to be very good indeed. This was a match where both players did not really get any clear winning chances and it ended in a draw after 39 moves with a rook and pawn endgame. On to round 6 where Carlsen had the white pieces again. This time we saw Anand play the Sicilian with the Queen’s that were exchanged on move 9 already. The action actually took place at move number 26 where Carlsen played the move 26.Kd2…according to calculations this was a blunder which could have cost Carlsen two pawns, but Anand missed the opportunity and thereby I feel he also lost momentum to win game 6. The correct move for Carlsen would have been 26.Kd1. In the end it was a win for Carlsen in 38 moves, and the score was suddenly 3.5 vs 2.5 with the momentum on Carlsen’s side.

Round 7 saw Carlsen play another game as white. This time we saw Carlsen play another e4 game as white. It was rather solid play throughout, until we reached move 31 where Anand sacrificed a bishop for two pawns and suddenly a very interesting endgame was in store. Carlsen needed to go for the win as he was playing white and Anand needed to hold the game for a draw. In the end a knight and rook vs rook endgame was reached, and after 122 moves the rooks were exchanged, leaving only a knight. Game number 7 was drawn. Not very often that you see 122 moves in a World Championship match. In round 8 we saw Anand play d4 and the Queen’s Gambit Declined was played, both sides had good preparation and the game ended in a draw after 41 moves.

The score now stands on 4.5 vs 3.5 for Carlsen. With 4 matches remaining and the match so close, we are definitely in for some great entertainment in the remaining 4 matches. I think Carlsen will be more than happy to get a draw in the next couple of games, or maybe play another game of 100 moves or more to test his opponent. Anand has two games left with the white pieces and if he can get a result in either one, this match might even go all the way to the tiebreaks. The title is still very much in the balance, so get your bets in on the Chessbet website and enjoy the remaining games!