Carlsen vs Anand 2014 after 10 rounds

Heinrich Basson Heinrich Basson is a chess enthusiast from South Africa. He is an avid club player with a current FIDE rating of 1899. He follows world chess events closely and analyzing the matches and writing about chess are some of his hobbies.

Current score is 5.5 to 4.5 in favour of Carlsen. Things are definitely very tense at the moment, as any slip-up by Anand will surely put the title beyond his reach. For Carlsen, any slip-up could throw the match wide open as Anand just needs one decisive result from the remaining two games to take things to tie-breaks.

In game 9 the Berlin was played by Anand, no real attacking threats was created by the challenger and Carlsen was happy to play for the draw. After 20 moves a draw was reached after threefold-repitition. No real trouble for Carlsen in getting the draw in game 9. Only 1.5 more points needed for Carlsen from the remaining 3 games.

In game 10 Anand had the white pieces and he needed to try and go for the win. He played d4 and the Gruenfeld Defence was played by Carlsen. There were some pressure from Anand in the form of the d-pawn, but in the end this pressure was not enough to convert to the full point and the game was drawn in 32 moves.

We are seeing strategy play a bigger part as the World Championship match progress to the closing stages, as Carlsen is not willing to take any more unnecessary risks, which does make it quite difficult for Anand to create winning positions. I think that game 11 might be a draw, followed by a very entertaining game 12 where Anand will be playing white. This World Championship match might just go all the way to game 12 and beyond. Be sure to make your bets at the Chessbet website and enjoy the last rounds of this World Championship match!