Bartlomiej Heberla Bartlomiej Heberla is a Polish grandmaster with an ELO rating of 2565. This year he came 4th at the Polish Championship. If you're interested in online lessons with GM Heberla, please contact Chessbet!

The third game of the FIDE World Championship match brought a huge change. It’s not only about the result, but Anand won his first classical game against Carlsen since 2010. It was definitely thanks to opening preparation, but anyway it seems Anand is doing better and better. In round four he chose the Sicilian Defense which means that his strategy is to fight for a full point in every game. Carlsen chose an interesting sideline and got a slide edge, but Anand played very accurately and after a draw the score is 2-2.

It might be the most interesting World Championship match ever. For now I boldly bet on Anand, as psychologically his situation is better, but of course Carlsen will do his best to prove that he is still the best player in the World. The next game is on the 14th of November. Remember to bet and enjoy watching!